Attributes Making Uber Taxi Clone Script Unique

Here are the attributes that we incorporate while creating a hit uber clone taxi app for you.

Geo-Fencing Location

Geo-Fencing to prevent the drivers from taking rides in crime prone areas as well as areas considered unsafe after dark.

God’s Eye View

God’s Eye View to find live riders in need of a taxi.

VOIP Based Call Masking

VOIP based Call Masking to maintain the privacy of both the rider as well as the driver by empowering them both to remain connected to each other via calls over the internet.

Google Login

Google Login to empower the riders and the drivers to operate the app by logging in using their Google Account.

Child Seat Preference

Child Seat Preference to empower the rider to take a ride in a vehicle having a child seat preference.

Favorite Driver

Favorite Driver to empower the rider to take the ride from the same driver.

Uber clone demo video

uber taxi clone demo

Why Uber Clone Script?

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It goes without saying that uber clone source code are the talk of the town today and with the help of this unique solution, riders can travel to their desired location just with a few taps on their smartphone or iPhone. So, for any taxi on demand service industry who wishes to stay ahead with time, the Uber Clone Script is the only solution. With some of the best and the most unique features, the Uner Clone Script is a must-have to accelerate the success of your on-demand taxi service business. Here are the constituents that we incorporate in our Uber Clone Script to build a powerful Uber Clone for your taxi on-demand business.

  • Licensed Source Code to empower modifications for the appreneur.
  • Pre-Integrated Payment Gateway like Stripe, PayPal to ensure seamless payment.
  • Multi-Language & Multi-Currency to ensure the operation of the business living in any part of the world.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology to ensure seamless operations for the Uber Clone.

Latest Version Uber Clone AppFeatures

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We offer a full-featured Uber Clone App Solution suitable for iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and it is available on both Google Play and Apple's App Store. Our Uber Clone Script Solution comes with more than just a front end: we provide you with a suite of apps as well. Check out our On-Demand Taxi Booking Solution Package to learn what's included

The White-Label Uber Clone Script Includes:

What Makes Us Different?

  • For any business, trust, honesty and integrity are the key factors that can help them build a good name besides making money.
  • We firmly hold on to our ideals of trust, honesty and integrity and work with these ideals solely imbibed in our minds.
  • Thus when we deliver the Uber Clone to you with the assurance of a timely delivery, we make sure to stand true to it and deliver it in the shortest available time of 72 hours.
  • Also we make sure to deliver a fully white-labelled solution with your brand name and logo visible everywhere on the app along with standing firm to our strict adherence to a stern NDA (non-disclosure agreement) Policy such that nowhere in the website does the name of your business or the fact that we were the original developers of the Uber Clone.
Make Different
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Unique Giveaway - Free Update for 3 Years

Applications are what fuel the success of any business. With the support of an application, most on-demand businesses like the taxi on demand service industry in particular can start accepting and taking rides in a seamless manner. Thus with the dreams of a successful taxi on demand service industry in your eyes we make sure that your dream does not just remain a dream. We offer you a free update for your Uber Clone exclusively for 3 years to ensure that your app runs flawlessly and seamlessly and ensures a hit taxi service for you!

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